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“We would not be on our current path to unifying the DevX and DevOps experiences without the valuable insights you gathered from the generative research. The impact of your work has helped align the team and drive our roadmap for the rest of the year. 

On a practical level, I know I can always count on you to advocate for our users and keep us honest as we explore any changes to the experience...”

Nick Tilden, Senior Design Lead
IBM Cloud: Developer Experince


“Alejandra represents her research team as admirably as anyone could hope. She also represents the practice of design research in an approachable yet authoritative manner that commands respect, even amongst those who are historically hard to convince. All of this improves the outcomes we deliver to our users and the market.”

Brendan Fitzpatrick, Design Lead
IBM Cloud: Billing

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“Alejandra is a passionate researcher who cares deeply about building her craft and the quality of her output. She and I have worked through extensive cultural and structural upheaval that tested the integrity of our research team. All throughout that experience, she stayed true to her work and found ways to collaborate effectively across teams. She has shown great maturity and leadership skills during difficult circumstances.“

Matt Eng, Research Team Lead
IBM Cloud