Objective: Our 10-week long contextual research focused on on the local culture of Uber in Savannah, GA. Through gained knowledge and expertise pertaining to the subject matter we sought to contribute to the design process of products, services and systems in which goals, users and task needs were given equal importance.

Scope: In this course of research, our group set out to find the voice of the Uber user. In finding this voice we were able to grasp the overarching experience of the end user and where then able take an emic point of view when devising solutions to the problems faced by said user.

Role & Responsibilities: Co-Project Manager and Research lead. Co-created and mantained process book, documented all meetings and events.  


  • Lead contextual inquiry research (ranging from 1:1 interviews, diary studies, shadowing, surveys, secondary desktop, probe activities, etc.). in order to understand user attitudes, behaviors and pain points.

  • Conducted expert reviews to identify opportunities within the user interface to improve usability and/or accessibility according to industry standards and best practices.

  • Synthesized and translated research into insights to create actionable directives. Developed written and visual deliverables that provided succinct, and actionable insights.

  • Leveraged a creative design-first approach to design concepts and carry out development of non-functional prototypes of those concepts.

Bellow are samples of the project's primary and secondary research, as well as ideation and concept creation.  


Popular Media Scan

Ten Types of Innovation

Ten Types of Innovation


During the five weeks of primary research, our team conducted the following activities: Cultural Probes, User Surveys, Expert Interview, and Shadowing.

Expert Interview- Uber driver

Expert Interview- Uber driver

Shadowing - Becoming an Uber driver.

Shadowing - Becoming an Uber driver.

UBER Diaries: Videotaping our stakeholders enabled us the opportunity to scrutinize the audio and video for common themes. In a series of video shorts referred to as “The Uber Diaries,” we prompted stakeholders to tell us a favorite story about an experience involving Uber. The data extracted from these “Diaries,” helped us define core experiential themes shared by users. 


Affinity Diagramming



Our findings and final concepts were presented to our stakeholders at an organized an event at The Grey Restaurant, formerly a Greyhound bus station. Our concepts were reveled through informances which served to explain what drove our final offernings. We were pleased to find that after presenting our research findings and offerings, Uber and competitor companies implemented similar improvements to their application.

Uber-fied Team

Uber-fied Team

Process Book